Curvy girls can wear stripes too







Blazer: 10 spot         Tank Top: Old Navy       Necklace: Forever 21       Skirt: Zara       Shoes: BCBG

I love everything about vacation. I love researching flights and hotels. I love anticipating what to do while I’m on vacation, what I need to shop for and of course there’s actually being on vacay. But I also love to pack! Weird right? I guess it’s all about getting excited about the cute outfits I have in mind and wearing new goodies. As I’m preparing and packing for Portugal my first phase is pretty much throwing about 90% of my wardrobe for laundry so I can then sort out what I am eventually bringing. During this phase for about a week or two I have to use the things towards the back of the closet. Things I haven’t even looked at for months and months and that I forgot I had. So putting together work outfits gets a little more difficult. This is one of those outfits. As time goes on I realize that I hold on to way too many useless or outdated pieces. I desperately want to revamp my closet because I feel the oomph is gone from things that I bought previous years. Then again it isn’t easy when you have rent and other bills to take care of but, little by little I am going to phase in some fresh pieces and let go of pieces that no longer work for me. Let me know what you think of packing and if you have any cool tips!








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Grey Lady






Top: 10spot   Skirt: Forever 21   Shoes: Call It Spring

Happy Fall everyone! One day this week I woke up in a great mood because I pulled this look together in about 5 minutes. It’s easy, comfortable, and chic. I love a great monochromatic look it’s such a cool, understated style. I like picking one color and working with different shades and mixing different textures to elevate a look ex: leather with velvet, wool with cotton. I have also seen it done wonderfully using one identical shade. It is pretty hard to see in the photos but what caught my eye about these heels was that the front half is a suede like material while the back of the shoe has a leather look.  It’s taking me forever to write this entry because I’m listening to this awesome podcast a friend put me on at the same time ( in case anyone is interested. Think Making a Murderer). I am loving this Fall weather right now. It really excites me. Fall fashion is always amazing because there are so many options and variances in the way an outfit can be put together. To me it’s the biggest style season of the year.

This past weekend Marvin and I headed out to the mall to shop for some new jeans for him. I can’t believe how difficult it was for him to find his size (side note – Marvin is a muscular 6’3″ tall guy). I always heard him complain about how they never carry anything in store for him but didn’t fully grasp how hard it was until I came with him on this shopping trip. I could see why he gets so frustrated. So, he left with nothing and I left with a bagful of new goodies for Portugal/Paris. I couldn’t help myself and they were on sale so…duh I had to. I will be documenting most of my outfits while I am away, I can’t wait to show you all!

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Hello world!


Hi! Welcome! I am so excited to finally be a part of the blog world. My posts will be about my take on enjoying life to the fullest…without spending too much time on it. Why I chose my blog name: I think that the characteristics of horoscope signs ring true 90% of the time, if not all the time. As a Libra, I enjoy all things beautiful. Nature, Art, Fashion, Architecture&Decor and all things encompassed within. And, although I enjoy being surrounded by rich, glamorous and lush things, I have no hesitation getting down and dirty to have some fun. Just broke a nail.. isn’t that the saddest thing? I’ve been trying to grow them long before my vacation in a  month to Portugal and it’s like they know. Starting all over sucks. Anyway, the main focus of my blog will be about my outfit choices, my take on style and what I do to look pulled together, but without focusing too much time and energy into it. I want to use that extra effort to actually enjoy this life! Thank you for visiting and giving a shit about what I have to say. lol. I hope you enjoy this all as much as I am!


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